Digital Printing

Adaptive Textiles offers direct pigment printing on a variety of natural grounds. This technology offers brilliant colors, excellent color fastness, and superior print reliability. Applications include home furnishings, accessories, and soft signage.

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Digital Fabric & Canvas Printing

Digital printing is a revolutionized technology in the textile industry that has enhanced the speed and process of graphical imprintation. This method of printing uses a wide range of inkjet printers based on fabrics/canvas of different size and material.

Earlier, a worker had to setup the frame and change it every time. The process was not only time consuming but, also exhausting. But the era of inkjet printers has brought a revolution along. It has opened up a world of possibilities at the control of a few clicks and it’s rising exponentially.

What Materials Can Be Used for Digital Printing?

Naturally produced cotton, wool and silk or artificially created polyester or canvas, the digital method can be used to print on anything. The method of printing may vary, for instance, the selection of ink, using a number of different ink types can be used to print the fabric.

People, nowadays, seek something different for themselves, businesses look for their own mojo, thus, custom digital printing can allow them to get their own designs printed without costing much.

  • Customize On The Go: One of the most important benefits that come from digital fabric and canvas printing is the ease of customisation. Every single inch of the canvas/fabric can be customised for later purpose, be it a bed sheet, cushion cover or sports team jersey. The customers can also get any sort of logo or symbol printed on the same fabric as a sign of authenticity.
  • Color Accessibility: This method allows 100 percent color accuracy to be achieved. The traditional method couldn’t have achieved the feat of color accuracy had a customer asked for something out of the box. However, though the digitally color accuracy can be achieved on screen, it doesn’t mean the end result will be the same.
    Not all colors can be obtained as shown, some may feel a little washed out and some oversaturated but they will be alive than ever.

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