Polyester Fabric Printing

Polyester is one of the artificially made fabrics, used in the digital textile printing industry, that is extracted from terephthalic acid and alcohol at high temperature. The extracted material is then dried and cut off into chips only to melt later and stretch it 5 times its size. The process gives birth to thread like strands which are then woven to make different products.

The synthetic fabric is pretty high on demand nowadays as it lasts longer, the color doesn’t fade that fast and it absorbs the sweat better (different base printing is done for that purpose).

How Is Printing Done On Polyester Fabrics?

Polyester is printed just like any other synthetic fabric i.e. using the dye sublimation printing process. The ink used in this process is formed by mixing liquid solvent with the disperse dye. This is then mirror printed on a heat resistant paper and that is eventually transferred onto polyester fabric through the heat press.

Due to the high temperature and pressure, the dye turns into gas without undergoing into the liquid form. The gas then passes through micro fibers and pores and coagulates on the fabric.

Since, the process is permanent, which allows the user to wash it without damaging the printed graphic. Also, as the synthetic fiber is transparent, printing on it gives excellent color reproduction.

But, here at Fabric Printing Thailand, we have mastered all the techniques just to produce every piece of polyester material as an art. Using disperse inks, we not only make sure to get the things right but, also to avoid any discoloration during the process.

Polyester can be used with the digital textile printing process, too. This provides the manufacturer an opportunity to bring customization graphics printing option in the game.

What All Can Be Printed On Polyester?

Once the right ink is chosen, almost anything can be printed on the fabric. Whether it is a custom ordered pattern or company’s in-house design, if it can be accessed digitally, and can be printed efficiently.

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