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Established in the year 1990, our company stretched its arms in the textile field with expertise in dyeing and printing. We grew significantly for over a decade and eventually in 2006, realizing the potential in digital fabric printing and its customization, we set our foots into digital fabric printing business and since then our company has never looked back.

With the upgraded technology and well-trained workforce, we make sure we shine the brightest among our competitors. Our genesis from textile industry gives us an advantage over our competitors to get a hold on every type of fabric material, according to the demands of our customers.

Fabric printing Thailand
Fabric printing Thailand
  • expertise in dyeing and printing
  • user friendly printing
  • custom fabric designs
  • designs with modern technology
  • online fabric printer
  • digital fabric printing
  • high-quality fabric design
  • customized fabric designs
  • custom fabric printing


Our sheer commitment to provide quality products is the reason we have a large base of satisfied customers. The use of advanced modern machines enable us to produce high-quality fabric with bright and popping colors that force our customers to come back to us for more.

The ink we use for dyeing or printing is user-friendly has no whatsoever toxin properties. Our inkjet printing machines are designed for fine precision so, whatever your pattern may be, it’ll come out exactly the way it was in digital form with no distortion in color mixing.

One of the things that modern technology made possible was getting custom designs printed. Demand for custom made fabric has been on the rise more than ever and so we decided to allow our customers to bring their creativity on their shelf. This step not only raised our customer base but also our own satisfaction.


Combining “our work” and “your satisfaction”, we are setting up a course of constant growth. You, the people, are looking ways to define yourself and what better way is there than using your ideas, shaped by us. Our sole vision is to bring the same feeling of content for each of our customers

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